McCrory Hair Services

McCrory Hair’s team of stylists are experienced, highly qualified and award winners. Our goal is to listen to you and deliver superior hairdressing and treatments. Come and spoil yourself in our relaxing salons.

We have two salons, based in South Manchester in Chorlton and on Oxford Road in Manchester and offer full-service hairdressing for both men and women.

Cuts & Styles

Our stylists are loyal and experienced experience so if you have a regular style that you like to maintain or you’re looking for a complete restyle, then our team can help you.

As our home is both Chorlton and in the heart of studentsville, we have a diverse client range. This makes our jobs so much more interesting as our clients demand everything from cutting-edge experimental styles through to more commercial cuts. 

Here’s what our client Joanne Rimmer had to say,

“Best experience, I had long hair & after consultation went for a serious chop! I'm so happy! Dominique listens & will do as you ask! Take them pictures so they know what you have in your freaky minds & they can translate! xx”

mccrory hair cut and style services

Colour Masters

We use the best hair colour products and train to the highest standards to provide our clients with the best colour services. Colour must be personal to you, to your needs and requirements. It can be subtle as it can be striking, it really is down to you and how you feel you want to look.

Our trained stylists have been finalists in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy and we boast certified Matrix Colour Mastery hairdressers so you’re in safe hands with your colour needs. So if you’re looking to make a bold statement or you’d like a subtle balayage, book an appointment with us.

Please be aware we require a skin test 48 hours prior to your appointment.

mccrory hair colour masters


Do you really want to spoil yourself? Would you like silky smooth locks, or does your hair need a little TLC? Our Olaplex and Nanokeratin treatments help to protect and enhance your other treatments.

Olaplex stops colour & bleach damaging your hair! It can be added to your colour or highlights mixture to dramatically reduce breakage. The Nanokeratin service is a scientifically proven micro size molecular hair repair and enhancement system.

mccrory hair treatments

Curly Hair Specialists

McCrory Hair provides a specialised curly hair service. If you have got curly hair you’ll understand the importance of this expertise. Curly hair needs to be treated differently. Cutting curly hair is an art form, not following the rules of standard hairdressing. It is all about shape and form. Our curly cut service is creative and progressive.

We also provide specialist curly hair products, such as the Trepadora Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie which is used as a finishing product, especially for fine curly hair and helps curls keep their natural shape and bounce.

Arrive with minimal styling product in your hair. Please do not use any bobby pins, head wraps, ponytails, headbands, rubber bands, hats, clips, etc on the day of your appointment. Your stylist needs to see your natural curl pattern and how your hair falls in order to perform the cut properly.

mccrory hair curly hair specialists in manchester