How to Choose your Perfect Hair Colour

So, you want to colour your hair? Great! 🎨

But wait, choosing a hair colour is not as easy as you would think.

You might just think it is as easy as choosing a colour you enjoy, but there can be several factors to think on, before choosing your final hair colour. Consider your complexion, your usual fashion style and clothing colours, the time of year, and more.

Here at McCrory Hair colour masters and curl specialist, we know the challenges in choosing the right hair colour for you. Read on for our expert advice on figuring out your perfect hair colour, suited to you and your needs.

Compliment your hair colour to your skin tone

Go for the opposite of your skin tone. Or choose one that fits and supplements it. Our go to is to create a contrast. So, if you have a pink complexion choose a warmer hair colour and if you have a more olive complexion go for the opposite. But keep in mind, the best route is not always to overdo it and go wild (unless you want to of course!😈🎨) Just one or two steps lighter or darker is often the best way to find a middle ground and create that ultimate look.

Matrix Colour Chart (See their range here!)

What are the impacts of your chosen hair colour?

Dark colours can make your hair feel thicker and more substantial, whereas light shades can accentuate textures and layers. Also, consider, if you want your hair cut as well as coloured, and how the result will look with your new chosen colour.

Would you want a single colour, or several dimensions in your hair? And how will your colour effect the final result?

Figure out how strong or damaged your hair is

The bottom line is that if you have brittle hair or hair that is a little weakened, do not go for a big hair colour change. When you colour your hair to a lighter colour, you are stripping it of its pigment, and for someone with weakened hair, this can be a bad move, causing your hair to weaken even further. Instead you might want to accentuate your current hair colour or go a slight shade darker or lighter (preferably darker, it being easier on the hair). However, if you are someone who has done little to no colouring to their hair in the past, then you are open to a world of possibilities!

Your personality and what you want

Maybe you just want to try something wild and need a change! If that is the case, then go for it! It is one thing to obsess over the perfect choice but if you already know deep down that you want a certain colour, and have no doubts about it, then go for it. Don’t be afraid of judgments, or popular trends or remarks. You only live once, and even if some people think it might be crazy, it is your decisions and your personality can only grow from that perfect hair colour you know to be the right one for you. It might be that the new hair colour you choose, will be a great step in how you feel about yourself. More comfortable and happier in your new personality!

Keeping your age in mind

Getting older has some disadvantages! Who knew? When you get older, it is best to have a lighter hair colour. This is because over the years your skin changes, and you are more likely to develop grey hair, making darker colours make the grey hairs more prominent. So, it is more sensible to go for a softer colour. Plus, choosing lighter colours will reflect your skin tones perfectly. Be sure to pick the right colour that looks soft and complimentary to your face, and not harsh and contrasted.

Here is an excellent quiz for figuring out your Skin tone: Hair colour quiz

Summer is here! Here are the Top colours to match the season

In summer, highlights and shades of blonde seem to be most effective at embodying the sunny energetic and optimism of this beautiful season. However, the trends this year, seem to be brighter and more extravagant as ever. Including platinum shades and fiery reds, read on for more.

Cocoa hair

After shaving off her long blonde locks and experimenting with platinum to white-blonde tones, Celebs like Cara Delevingne have gone back to their roots like cocoa-coloured pixies.

Classic Baby Blonde!

Many professional hair stylists are trying to achieve this perfect, eternal and endlessly fashionable colour. That glowing shade of gold, that in summer seems lighted and lit from within. It is perfect for the sun-kissed summer months. Look to stars like Scarlett Johansson for inspiration on this hair colour.

Opal hair

This fantasy inspired hair colour trend has been becoming increasingly popular in the young Hollywood and model rounds.

Fruit Juice Hair

Another trend that will have brunettes jumping for joy, the latest colour style dubbed ‘fruit juice hair’ is total hair goals. Coined by hair guru Alisha McAlister, she explained: “I’m not sure what to call this! It’s a mix of blended fruit colours. I started this hair colour thinking I was doing a simple base and tone. Then my amazing client surprised me! She said, “I want something different!”

Fiery Red!

This is for those who want to take things to the next level, and go from redhead to fireball red. This colour evokes the sense of the fiery summer sun very well and suits the season better than any. Bold, and distinctive.

Golden copper hair

Julianne Hough shows blondes how to transform into a redhead with this golden copper colour. It’s bold, but the lighter undertones give her a ‘born with it’ rather than ‘from the bottle’ look. Check out our favourite red hair colours of the season…

Auburn Hair

Auburn hair. That ginger biscuit is the colour en-vogue. Perfect for those with paler complexions who want to bring warmth to their appearance in spring.

So, there you have it. With the right approach and planning you can achieve the right hair colour for you. Keep in mind the essentials: your skin tone, the condition of your hair and the season! With all these considered you can choose the perfect hair colour for you.

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